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this floor produces

multilayer two kinds, this floor produces seed of our country three-layer look forward to inferior about 20, year productivity makes an appointment with 6 million square metre, aluminum fencing cost per linear foot 70 % export the product Euramerican wait for a country. Multilayer solid the manufacturing company of this floor has many 10 about, year productivity makes an appointment with 3 million square metre to go up, this kind of floor basically

sells the southeast Asia country such as past United States and Japan, Korea, beijing, Shanghai develop border area also accepts this kind of product gradually. Multilayer and eco-friendly durable swimming pool deck compound pool board the brand has: Blessing full ground, not hill of 2 the home, day, have forest, elephant of an affectionate couple, Ji Tai, gold, Fulaiduo, in high mountain, Jiang Hai, Gelishi, beauty has, the pine falls, 100 continuous heavy

rain, poem two special, east. Three-layer is compound floor brand: Love home, appropriate China, Jin Qiao, north inferior, beauty of Da Mu, forest king, Kang Shu, favorite, A,guide to laminate flooring  wide peaceful, wide field, honest is sent, beauty of Jin Long, annulus, beautiful painter, golden hair, Maweiside; Bamboo wood floor includes bamboo floor and bamboo Mu Fu to join a floor board. Our country shares company of many 100 production,

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