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Ask the user to fill in some information

<p>Cisco Aggregation Service Router ASR 1006 dial-up will have a user authentication process, and we need to input the information provided by the telecom operators into the dialog box. Click the next step.</p>
<p>Click to see the big picture, after filling up the necessary information, the router will let you choose the IP address type. Most users use the IP address automatically assigned by the telecom operator. Here we choose the first complete configuration.</p>
<p>Click here to see note: Here we introduce the reader 24 Ports Gigabit Switches Huawei S5700 28X LI AC DC how to use broadband router configuration wizard to automatically configure, experienced users can also manually configure the router according to their own needs, recommend manual configuration should check the broadband router with the use of the product specification.</p>
<p>2, set the PC to share the Internet: Well, can these broadband router settings, broadband router has to need to share the PC NAT conversion function, but when our PC is not online, because you need to add some TCP/IP options in the client machine can be achieved after the internet. In fact, users can also turn on the DHCP function of broadband router, so that no need to set up on the PC machine, they can automatically get information such as IP address, default gateway and DNS. However, because DCHP will have a great influence on the performance of broadband router after opening, so we recommend that you use Huawei Oceanstor Vtl6900 2048 Virtual Tape Drives Data Storage Hardware this static allocation of IP address to get higher performance.</p>

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