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we have recovered at least 47 bodies

NEW DELHI http://www.jaguarsauthenticofficialshop … ersey.html , Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday expressed satisfaction with the performance of security forces in response to the militant attack upon an airbase in Punjab one week ago.

"Noted with satisfaction the decision-making & its execution, the considerations that went into our tactical response," Modi tweeted after touring the airbase at Pathankot near the Pakistan border.

"Also noted coordination among various field units. Lauded bravery & determination of our men & women on the ground. They are our pride," he said.

Modi was briefed by the security forces on the details of the attack on Jan. 2 by six militants on the airbase.

He also went around the scene of the attack that had left seven Indian security force men dead.

India has asked Pakistan to take action against the handlers believed to be behind the attack and provided information about them http://www.jaguarsauthenticofficialshop … ersey.html , after accusing the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed of staging the assault.

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All Chinese nuclear power generating units have met, and even exceeded, global standards, a national industry safety official said in the runup to the country's restart of its nuclear power program and the export of nuclear equipment and services.

The nuclear power industry has been operating safely for three decades in China http://www.jaguarsauthenticofficialshop … ersey.html , Guo Chengzhan, deputy director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, said on Wednesday.

On Thursday, President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang sent their congratulations to China's nuclear leaders to mark the country's 60th anniversary in the field. They pledged that China would seek to heighten its nuclear technologies in an all-around way and seek to supply nuclear power facilities to a global market http://www.jaguarsauthenticofficialshop … ersey.html , Xinhua News Agency reported.

"China has encountered no major safety alarms since its first nuclear power plant began construction in 1985," Guo said.

Currently, China operates 22 nuclear power units and has another 26 under construction, the most units under construction in the world http://www.jaguarsauthenticofficialshop … ersey.html , he said.

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