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Have you at any time before made an attempt talking about your new product or service to a prospective buyer however find that despite putting in all the cash on the special brochures Kamalei Correa Jersey , thick reports , and attractive powerpoint slides - your potential customer still does not comprehend? And as a result of this, you lost out on a deal or financing?

An increasing number of firms right now are turning to computer animated explainer videos to do the talking, clarifying, convincing and converting.

With the right story Ronnie Stanley Jersey , mindfully chosen pictures and very clear script, you can describe any product or service in a few minutes what your documents or flyers can never hope to accomplish. That's the objective of an explainer video - it describes complicated ideas with high aesthetic impacts.

Before getting into why these video productions are fantastic for your company, let's see a few short facts about why videos are so vital for today's small business:

1) They say a picture paints a thousand words.

Now 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words of text!

2) It is estimated that 100 Million people enjoy online videos daily. And that number is still growing with the proliferation of fast data transfer - both on the desktop and mobile devices.

3) Youtube is the Number 2 Internet search engine on the planet. Don't you desire to get ranked there?

4) If you have a retail product , 64% of business website viewers are very likely to buy the goods after viewing a online video about it.

5) 80% of people can recollect viewing a video ad on a internet site that they visited in the last month. Just picture that? Can your written report compare?

6) 90% of online shoppers says that videos help them in their buying decisions and purchases.

7) More than 60% of senior execs prefer viewing a video than reading through text. Now if you have the right video with the right message, won't you get the right sale?

8) If you have a video in your email that you sent out to your customers Eric Weddle Ravens Jersey , online marketers have seen a 65% increase in click-thru rates.

So what is so great about these videos?

1. Animated Explainer Videos Teach!

One of the most popular forms of such animation is the whiteboard videos. You would have seen these videos around as they are getting incredibly popular. From young in school, we have been conditioned to see how things are explained using the whiteboard. Even in the universities or at the office, the whiteboard is used widely.

Why? Because it works!

And why does it work?

Because it engages the audience. And something takes place in our mind when we see things written on the board - we know that an explanation or teaching is taking place.

Elaborate maths questions, chemical equations, physics problems Tony Jefferson Ravens Jersey , technical drawings were all taught to us using the power of the chalk. Now, this is replicated on the computer screen. This is exactly how an explainer video can educate and make a difficult subject interesting and memorable.

2. Animated Heroes Connects With Your Audience

Many whiteboard videos use computer animated characters - or what I prefer to call heroes.

When a person sees a character on the video, albeit an animated one, they can identify with the hero. They can sympathize and go on a discovery quest together.

This human element is essential in a great explainer video. Make sure your character animation is excellent if you take this approach. Bad and unreal movements may detract from a great message.

If you want a great animation that connects, makes sure you select the right explainer video company in Singapore.

3. Who Can Resist a Good Story?

Great explainer videos narrate. And like any great story Jeremy Maclin Ravens Jersey , the explainer video has to follow the tried and tested plot.

We need to describe the problem or issue he is facing. We tell the viewer how they can also get the same solution and benefits to the problems we are facing too.

Such stories have engaged, captured audiences throughout time.

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