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One of Labouchere's numerical series

Let's introduce you to one of the popular betting systems in the casino, which was easily adapted by handicapers for sports betting. In the Labouchere system the player is repelled from the alleged win, but he achieved not one, and next rates.

The essence of the Labouchere betting system
In the game on this system, the handicaper sets short-term goals. First, determine for yourself the amount you want to win. It is very important that this amount does not exceed 5% of the Bank.
Examples of bets and outcomes on different numerical series we divide this amount into a number of numbers. In the example of the table you see that 25 pounds broke 2-4-6-6-4-3.
In each new bet you have to win the sum of the first and last number of your row. In our example, the first winning amount should be £ 5 (2+3).
If your bet loses, its value should be added to the right side of the row. If same wins, then the first and the last the number of series of cross out.
Then continue to bet in the same way until you cross out the entire series of numbers.
As soon as this happens, you need to set yourself a new goal, split the amount of the expected win into a number of numbers and repeat the above operations again.
When betting on the system, you cross out two numbers of the series when you win, and when you lose, you add only one number to it. Thus, the player has more chances to win than to lose, but with each new loss the amount of the next bet will increase.

An example of the game system Laboucher
Let's say the amount of your Bank is $ 200. You have set a goal to win $ 10.
Break $ 10 as follows: 2-3-3-2.
We bet on the market with a coefficient of 2.00. Since you have to win the sum of the first and the last number (2+2), the bet amount will be $ 4. If the bet wins, delete the first and the last number from our series. If the bet loses, then add to the series the amount of loss (in our case it is $ 4).

You have the following sequence 2-3-3-2-4. Next you need to win 2+4=6$. Based on this amount, the bet amount is calculated.

The Labouchere system has one big drawback. The amount of the player's Bank does not always allow him to make a lot of losing bets on this system, and the loose series can easily be delayed. This is a progressive betting system, where there is an increase in the amount of bets at a loss, so the risk of playing on the system Laboucher is quite high.

Not to tempt fate, you better try to play on the system with virtual money. In case of successful results for a long period of the game, you can switch to cash bets.

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With the help of this system it is impossible to win constantly as with other systems. But as practice has shown, the system can provide regular winning streaks in the game. And it is very useful for playing roulette online. Laboucher's strategy is to write down a sequence of numbers on a piece of paper. For example, 1342. The sequence should be short and this will be the guarantor of a successful game.

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The topic is interesting! After all, Labusher’s method is better known here as the “number of numbers” strategy or else it is called Split Martingale. Originally developed for the game of roulette because it does not ideally fall on the stakes in bookmakers but in certain circles it has found its application. His only serious limitation is a game with high coefficients, so applying such a strategy for betting with a high probability of winning will not work.

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Martingale is dangerous in any application. For a short-term game, it can still be useful. But in the long-term, Martingale will bring only a loss. I say this because the experience is already in this game with the application of this system. Thanks for the review.

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I think that there is no need to complicate anything. You just need to bet and everything. The main thing in this game is to guess the results of sports competitions. You need to consider it in math or in school. This is my opinion. I do not impose it on anyone.

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