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floor color

Sedir, Ke nuo sen hua, and other brands used by the brand used by the skirting board basically are Ott and Beijing-of two brands.These two brands are professional production of skirting board, and the quality is generally guaranteed.But the only problem is that the skirting board can not be consistent with the floor color and the door.
And such as Ou Dian, Rui jia and so on the implementation of the brand of the brand that provides the skirting board is the enterprise own production of the special brand, quality more secure.According to Huang da kang, the floor price does not include the skirting board plate and the buckle has become a development trend of the wood floor industry.
Because the cost of all the all and the skirting board and the detained for enquiries is about 12 yuan less than each square meter.
" plastic flooring profiles , bench high stability deck backrest , high density polyethylene , slats for benches lowes "

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