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majority is be caused by of floor be affected with damp

<p>generally speaking, composite deck with screwsin the floor more phenomenon appearing in using is a floor submit tile form or have wriggle through the earth, this is main because,be be caused by of floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, Floor be affected with damp be affected with damp the reason has the following kinds roughly: </p>
<p>1, the moisture in air </p>
<p>2, ground level ground did not work fully, with; of cement consolidate keel</p>
<p>3, keel, wool floor is too wet, ; of glue of use ability in swimming</p>
<p>4, the damp environment such as first floor did not make special moistureproof processing;</p>
<p>5, the section of connecting office of face of stone quality of a material and floor was not made close processing;</p>
<p>7, bleb (be like conduit burst,cost of deck per square meter balcony water flows backward wait for) . </p>
<p>In addition, product itself and construction are undeserved also can create a wriggle through the earth. For example dry processing inadequacy of undeserved, preserve one's health,timber football fence moisture content adjustable aperture did not accept slot of too low, back in too shallow, construction sufficient, laid is too close etc. The factory of very much now frame-up regulation uses a few quality inferior, the plank that stoving does not reach the designated position. Best Wood Vinyl Or Composite Fencing The course adds color, repair pretend to be first-class board, hole cheats customer, this is to bring about floor metabolic one of main reasons. Because of the man-hour in real wood floor, paint is machined and the outside is become, floor underside is paint, fluctuation stress is abhorrent outside air can produce an effect to the floor, also be to cause metabolic cause. </p>

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