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Anti - mildew moisture - proof paint coating characteristics

<p>Anti-mildew moisture paint paint characteristics and construction considerations With the continuous development of the industry, and now the plant inside the mold moisture is more and more manufacturers  deck tiles ireland mentioned the schedule up, for these circumstances, we are now launched this mold moisture Paint can solve such problems well. Fine coating moisture, excellent scrub resistance. Easy to brush, cover a strong, good leveling. To prevent the coating of mold and algae. Painting beautiful, cost-effective. Basic requirements of solid, dry, clean, no floating ash, no paint.</p><p>
- Open the barrel to stir evenly. If the construction needs to add fresh water 5% -10% dilution, but the cover rate has declined, not more than 15% (weight ratio), so as to avoid the resistance to scrub drop or off  wood plastic internal door powder phenomenon. Available roller coating, brushing, airless spray process construction. The vast majority of people every year to go through the mold brought about all kinds of trouble: clothes often have an unpleasant taste, out of public places for fear of people eyebrows; smell the other people's musty</p><p> always let people fear hiding; White clothing and bed sheets, overnight appeared black, yellow, brown spots, no longer wash away; beloved bag, leather, leather shoes due to long hair, changed color, changed shape, had to reluctantly discarded; Children and their own body  polymer composite decking colors often appear itching, both uncomfortable, but also damaged the skin; their own or others' footstroke is disgusting; camera lens due to both sides of long mold, can not be cleared, can not be used; precious album yellow There are still spots on the photos; collection of priceless paintings, stamps, coins, wire-loaded book also mildew damaged; storage of mushrooms, Cordyceps, scallops, red dates, fungus, ginseng and Installation Simple Outdoor Decking Purchase precious herbs are long hair Quality, can not eat up. This shows the importance of moisture</p>

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