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prices for the floor

Over the past 2004 years, China floor market the most eye-catching event, is 2008 yuan per square meter of Europe allusion floor prices for the floor. In the current Chinese floor market, the price of high-grade floor can reach 200-300 yuan per square meter, some of the top products can sell for 800 yuan per square meter.
And the launch of Europe allusion floor suddenly strong across the country for 2008 yuan per square meter floor, is undoubtedly the floor on the market in China put a lot of satellites. But by investigating the journal floor wang learned that the so-called 2008 yuan for ou dian floor but is actually orchestrated a hoax, relying on the scheme, Europe allusion floor market sales soared in China, an unprecedented height.
Floor for sensation market 2008 yuan per square meter of floor is what concept? With an image of the metaphor is on the ground of one square metre square, not leak shakedown is the sum of hundreds of yuan in cash. That every step is a step on the gold in.
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