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building materials

<p>Construction is a full of vitality of building materials. With the continuous development of concrete composition materials, people understand the material composite technology continues to improve artificial boat floor the performance requirements of concrete not only Limited to the compressive strength, but on the basis of strength, pay more attention to the durability of concrete, deformation and other comprehensive indicators of the balance and coordination of the performance requirements of concrete than ever before the more clear, detailed and specific.</p><p>At the same time, The construction of the equipment level, the new the usage of wood plastic material construction technology continues to emerge and promote the concrete technology to adapt to the different design, construction and use requirements, the development of fast concrete is not an isolated single material it can not do without concrete The development of raw materials, can not be separated from the development of concrete objects in the development of the object.</p><p>It should be from the perspective of civil outdoor floor products engineering university to seriously treat the concrete.Compared with the design of concrete is the same, we must first analyze the structure of the project, component characteristics, design requirements, To estimate the possible unfavorable situation and risk, based on local raw materials.Then use scientific, reasonable and feasible technical lines, technical means to prepare to meet Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust the design requirements, construction process requirements and the use of high-quality concrete.</p>

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