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Woodprices website

Will report on July 15 according to Woodprices website, because increase be caused by to the exit of India and Korea,New Zealand lumber exported the addition of the quantity and price to upsurge 2016 is. New Zealand still is the biggest nation of world of conifer lumber exit, after Russia and American close therewith. 50% what these 3 countries occupied whole world lumber to trade 2015, among them great majority exports Chinese market.

The 50% above of gross of production of New Zealand whole nation are lumber exit. New Zealand exported radiation deal material 2015 14.7 million M3, among them exit of nearly 10 million M3 went to China, a bit under the 12 million M3 2013. Second half of the year was mixed 2015 2016 first half of the year, china buys the home to be in activity of market of New Zealand lumber is frequent, speak a volume subsequently from 2015 the 3rd 1.8 million M3 with the 4th quarter increases to 2016 the 2.5 million M3 of the 1st quarter. 2016 is Dong Bo met does forest exhibit: ? Pilfer of static of reason bureau banner putting in order?

On November 22, meeting forest exhibits reporter Cong Dongbo news hair drier can learn, will in December 2 - 5 days are held in Nanning 2016 meeting forest exhibits Dong Bo on, china - wooden industry produces Dong Menglin can advantage technology reachs product general appear centrally with form of entire industry catenary.  "diy composite fencing design,use composite deck screws on wood,composite stair treads"

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