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bamboo floor itself will be very poor

such bamboo flooring is not easy to warp deformation. No bamboo bamboo bamboo should be no residual bamboo, bamboo, residual bamboo, bamboo will affect the bamboo between the glue, bamboo between the glue close, no gap. 3. core layer without debris bamboo floor core layer should also be specifications bamboo, can not be mixed with bamboo,
miscellaneous wood chips and other debris, or not only the bonding strength is not good, bamboo floor itself will be very poor strength. 4. High precision machining of bamboo flooring flat, straight, without any direction of bending deformation, width, thickness consistent, no size head. In the flat on the table when the assembly of bamboo flooring,
the tenon should be tight and firm, seamless, hand touch patch no obvious height difference. In addition, it also includes the paint quality is better, uniform color, no formaldehyde and so on. Lv Liangwei endorsement Jingsheng floor signing and filming ceremony held in Nanjing on January 29, Hong Kong film star Lvliang Wei endorsement King Sheng floor
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