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considerably cut agency

After having a brand to ensure, luo Kan begins pair of sale channel " move small knife " . Come for years, industry of blessing Chinese timber works hard sale network, straight battalion inn spreads all over Wuhan market of lumber of each a lunar month of 30 days. Hind because run a risk tall, the company decides inn of cancel straight wood plastic composite made from Cayman Islands battalion. Ling Luokan is clinking of deeply regret is, after inn of cancel straight battalion, the qualitative poor plank of a large number of sham Fuhan brands begins to flood the market.

"Without straight battalion inn, but market demand still very exuberant, product sale is more and more passive. " Luo Kan is an introduction with big market of Wuhan Han Xijian lumber, building a wpc deck on a flat roof industry of blessing Chinese timber was in in the past the brand image store that the straight battalion inn of big market of Han Xijian lumber is a company. After this inn cancel, many old clients still are used to go buying board in inn, but the product that new distribute chamber of commerce fake wood cladding home leads them to buy other brand, large quantities of old clients begin slowly prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

After comprehensive survey, luo Kan thinks,composite material of rice husks resin  put in inn of partial straight camp to enter really in the past not the appearance that apply gives, but this does not represent pattern of straight battalion inn incorrect, "The problem basically goes in agency link " .

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