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Soccer, samba and sand represent Brazil so often that it flirts with c

Avant-garde is nice, she said, but we need clothes that Satin Wedding Dresses are wearable on the streets. Her advice to young designers: “You have to think about who is going to wear it, fabrics, and importantly, finishing.”The doctors’ resolution, which will go before the CMA’s general council meeting in August for voting, is silent on the issue of non-medical exemptions.From the parade of dressing gowns for Present Laughter’s melodramatic dandy and the quivering curlicues of his wife’s hats to the suiting for Terence Rattigan’s ’30s seaside sartorialists in French Without Tears, it’s all done on these two floors by teams of cutters and sewers.Selman said backstage that he wanted to go a little darker this season —both in colour and spirit — and focus on the nighttime, not the day. He also was inspired by the recent Netflix documentary series, “Making a Murderer.”The beauty of ish is that it is now acceptable behind virtually any noun or adjective. The weather is “fall-ish.” Sen. Rand Paul calls himself “libertarian-ish.” Lena Dunham’s new book is “memoir-ish.”For her part, Bartoli showed up for the champion’s dinner looking like a model — “her dark hair down in a loose wave … figure-hugging black dress … sky-high ankle boots,” as one British newspaper breathlessly reported — and then said, “I invite this journalist to come and see me this evening in ball gown and heels, and in my opinion he could change his mind.”Her again? Wasn’t she just on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night doing something called the “Mom Dance”? Just a few days before that, she was on Sesame Street with Big Bird, promoting exercise and eating Satin Wedding Dress right.Perhaps the most troubling inquiry he sidestepped during his two days on the stand was one from the defence about his feelings toward his slain wife: Did you still love Randjida Khairi on the day you killed her?Mr. Vucko regularly packs 10 days’ worth of clothing into his trusty Rimowa carry-on. “It was grossly expensive,” he says of the luggage. “But I used to get really cheap stuff and every 18 months I’d have to replace it. This one has been beat up a bit, but it really lasts.”Adding to the confusion, last year the Supreme Court of Canada ruled much of the act unconstitutional, but upheld the section that restricts payments. The split has done little to end confusion.

     Almost a year later, the government is still reviewing the decision, said Mr. Martel.Staff is assembling outside the hospital, according to reporters.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their baby are expected to leave hospital later this evening.“I’m still thawing,” says Solo, who was born in Latvia and grew up in Thornhill and Richmond Hill. Silk hails from New Brunswick and says she’s accustomed to Canadian winters, though that doesn’t mean she has to like them.Richler’s wife, Florence, and their son, Noah, accepted the honour on his behalf.

     “In this time, we have a government who relies on stirring up such enmities to win favour; I’m sorry there’s not a Mordecai Richler about to keep them in check,” his son said.Re: ‘Religiously Neutral’ BBC Banishes BC/AD, Sept. 27.So the politically correct British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has decided to rid itself of the terms BC Lace Wedding Dress and AD — given those terms’ strong links to the life of Jesus Christ. Yet the network, or the equally socio-culturally correct academia, have not started a move to banish the words “Sunday” and “Monday” (with astrological links to the “sun and “moon”) or the words “July” and “August” (with their reference to the dictatorial Julius and Augustus Caesar). These terms, by the same reasoning, bring supposed approval to astrology and tyranny.If the BBC wants to get rid of BC and AD, it should go all the way.

     David Murrell, Fredericton.He wanted to see how his favourite sport is played in Brazil, venue of not only the 2014 World Cup but also the 2016 Olympics. Brazil did not invent modern soccer (the British did), but it embodies “the beautiful game,” a nickname for the sport that signifies the poetic movement of the players. Soccer, samba and sand represent Brazil so often that it flirts with cliche. But soccer — both professional players and the culture — is one of Brazil’s most visible global exports, and inside the country it is the social glue that unites a massive and diverse population.Appearing at the Tusk Conservation Awards, honouring African conservation, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a slinky, sequined, floor-length gown from Jenny Packham, who also designed the polka-dotted dress Kate wore to leave the hospital with Prince George, paired with Jimmy Choo?platform sandals. (Us Magazine?says the US$6,300 custom-made dress, which looks silver, is actually “pale gold” — we’ll leave it to you to decide.)

Soccer, samba and sand represent Brazil so often that it flirts with cliche

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