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PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACKHe will also buy a new suit to wear to

Questions about Gervais arose almost immediately after he was interviewed girls party dresses near the war memorial by CBC reporter Diana Swain during live coverage of the Nov. 11 ceremony.Product placement aside, director Jonas ?kerlund has captured on film what’s so strange about Femme Fatale, Spears’s third “comeback” album: it finds one of the most notoriously off-the-rails artists in pop music, in the midst of high-tech, often bizarre production, playing Britney from the block, looking for a good time.Last autumn the lacy looks were inky midnight blue and black and cut into cocktail dresses, but this spring, it’s pale and neutral greige, with a patterned effect as though it were vintage or tea-dyed, and comes as sleeker sleeveless shifts. Some have exposed zippers in the back, “for a little more of a modern edge,” or making the cut of the neckline, shoulder and arms modern but still very conscious “of getting a bra under there.” Another selling point is continuity — there’s no about-face chasing a new trend every season. In particular, one dress he has dubbed the “parachute” has become a strong item and gets reinterpreted in each collection. “It’s reflective of that casual, sports and slightly masculine feeling that I’m trying to get across. I like down-to-earth,” he adds. “I like polish but not too much — I like things to be a little rough around the edges. That much be my Northern upbringing!”In fact, given the absence of any real fashion film at TIFF this year, it would be smart of The Weinstein Co. (which acquired the film pre-reviews, in June, presumably as a Rashomon-like companion piece to the company’s The King’s Speech hit of last year) mini dresses to reposition it as something of a style romp. It’s not too late, Harvey! Actually, they may already have. American Vogue, which worshipped Wallis almost as much as the Duke did, could very well have an exclusive style special in the works for the film’s December release.Blushing along the red carpet were Modern Family co-stars Ariel Winter in chiffon and Julie Bowen in structured blush pink Zac Posen, though it erupted into overly complicated waves at the trumpet.The total tabAnywhere from $2-million (the blog flamecrawler) to $3-million to $5-million (the Daily News, CBS). That’s 20 times more than what Jenna Bush spent on her nuptials on the family ranch in Crawford, Tex., and overshadows the most expensive wedding on Forbes magazine’s list (compiled in 2007) — $3.5-million for Liza Minnelli and David Gest in 2002.

    But that is small potatoes when set against the US$60-million paid by Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal for his daughter Vanisha Mittal and her fiancée Amit Bhatia in 2004. After six days of parties, the couple tied the knot at Vaux-le-Vicomte a 17th-century chateau near Paris.The average American wedding costs $24,000, according to the Wedding Report.I don't understand this odd dress debate and I feel like it's a trick somehow. I'm confused and scared.PS it's OBVIOUSLY BLUE AND BLACKHe will also buy a new suit to wear to weddings.

     Blame Facebook for being a catalogue of our formal wear for everyone to see. (To deal with this, Mira once rented a $2,000 gown for $150 from Toronto company, Rent frock Repeat, to wear to a black-tie wedding.)Alison presented a carefully worded declaration asking for cute cocktail dresses the return of her kids. She acknowledged the PKK’s strong support of women and children, and made it clear she respected Kurdish culture — her children had strong Kurdish names, she had kept her husband’s last name and she taught her children about Kurdish tradition.

    Among the anomalies Womack spotted were Gervais’s ill-fitting beret, crooked collar insignia, improper tunic buttons, outdated brigade insignia and his rare and hard-to-earn Pathfinders Torch. Gervais wasn’t wearing the red sash that non-commissioned officers wear with their dress uniform, and he wore non-regulation transitional sunglasses and a non-regulation beard.The café societyThe VIPs stayed at Plaza Athenée (where they were upstaged by a young Moamar Khadaffi, who happened to be in Paris buying airplanes) and enjoyed the debauchery and excess of a $200K party thrown at Maxim’s by Halston for Liza Minnelli on the eve of the show.

     One model’s memories paint a picture of the snow falling around Versailles on the night of the show and dozens of liveried footmen holding candelabra aloft to leads the toffs into the ball. “Princess Grace had her f*cking crown on,” laughs another attendee.Last spring, the first collection of Sudbury-born designer Dennis Merotto made its debut and a year later, is thriving in stores, carried by Holt Renfrew and by a slew of womens boutiques coast to coast. If it’s fared far better than most Canadian labels’ maiden voyages, that may be because Merotto is an atypical “new” Canadian designer: he’s been quietly, you might say invisibly, designing for other people’s labels for more than 25 years.

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