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"Today I felt a little tired after th

GENEVA Cheap Jordan Retro , Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Secretariat of the Conventionon International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna andFlora (CITES) announced Sunday that an international film festivalwill be held for the world's big cats, to raise global awareness ofthe critical challenges facing these iconic species.

The Film Festival, co-sponsored with the Jackson Hole WildlifeFilm Festival, will be one of the global events that will anchornext year's UN World Wildlife Day, which will fall on March 3,CITES said.

CITES Secretary-General, John E. Scanlon Cheap Air Jordan , said: "All big catsare protected under CITES because unregulated and illegal tradeposes serious threats to their survival. World Wildlife Day 2018and the film festival give us a unique opportunity to raiseawareness about their plight as well as the ongoing national andglobal efforts to save these majestic species."

The Festival will generate the level of attention big cats alldeserve to ensure they are with us for generations to come, headded.

"At a time when the crisis can still be averted, it is essentialto take action that empowers local engagement and personalcommitment," explained Lisa Samford, Executive Director of theJackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

"Our aim is to galvanize the power of media to inspire wonder,catalyze change and move the dial on the conservation of big cats.The festival will also engage the voices of local people fromcommunities who are living with big cats, and seeking to supporttheir conservation while securing a sustainable livelihood Cheap Jordan Shoes ," Lisasaid.

According to CITES, big cats are among the most widelyrecognized and admired animals across the globe. However, todaythese charismatic predators are facing many and varied threats,which are mostly caused by human activities.

The UN agency said that over the past century, we have beenlosing big cats at an alarming rate due to loss of habitat andprey, conflicts with people, poaching and illegal trade.

For example Cheap Jordans , CITES figures show that tiger populations plummetedby 95 percent over the past 100 years and African lion populationsdropped by 40 percent in just 20 years.

The CITES Secretariat is designated by the United NationsGeneral Assembly as the global facilitator for the celebration ofthe World Wildlife Day each year in collaboration withorganizations in the United Nations system. Enditem

WANNING, South China, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) -- Sacha Modolo of Lampre-Merida (LAM) won the 2015 Tour of Hainan on Wednesday and the last stage victory went to Brenton Jones from Drapac Professional Cycling (DPC).

After nine days of racing, Modolo beat Andrey Zeits from Astana Pro Team (AST), who placed second at last, by nine seconds in the general individual classification, becoming the seventh man to win the annual tournament which was 10 years old.

With a lead of up to seven sprint points , Modolo also took the green jersey for the best printer in this event.

Zeits had the blue jersey for the best Asian rider, and Julien El Fares from Team Marseille-13-KTM (M13) kept the polka-dot jersey as the best climber.

Jones took his only stage win as he stormed home first in the last and ninth stage from Wuzhi Moutain to Wanning, which covered 119 kilometers with two intermediate sprints and three climbs.

"Today I felt a little tired after the race yesterday, but my teammates were fantastic and helping me, especially at the beginning of the race. The main goal for me is taking the yellow jersey home, I am glad we made it," said Modolo

This year's Tour of Hainan Cheap Jordan 4 , kicking off on Oct. 20, covered a total of 1487.6 kilometers, with a total prize of 350,000 dollars up for grabs.

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Since you'll have be driving less, should not come upon the wish of too many repairs even though your car is unattractive. The miles on a car are really indicative of methods long the auto will last. These matter far more than this. The inexperienced drives about twelve thousand miles in the year. If you only drive two thousand, you will not cause pretty much all the moving parts to use out at nearly aren't rate. This kind of keep you having pay out for for expensive repairs on the classic car.

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