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Maintenance and maintenance of submersible sewage pump with reamer

{Reamer-type submersible sewage pump has the function of automatic backwashing and silt removal: when ordinary submersible sewage pump works, the sewage in the pool is static, and the suction of the pump can only suck up the sewage at the pump mouth, while the sediment far from the pump mouth can not be sucked by the suction of the pump, so it can not be discharged. The silted sewage will inevitably affect the normal work of the pump after a long period of time, and the pump is often blocked. When the submersible pump is burnt down, while the automatic backwashing pump works, a small part of the water flow is ejected from the high pressure in the backpunch hole of the pump, and the bottom of the backwash tank. The following technical department of Shanghai Guanfeng Pump Industry specializes in introducing the daily maintenance and product advantages of the reamer-type submersible sewage pump for you:
1. Reamer-type submersible sewage pump: The carbide is rotated and fixed at the inlet of the submersible sewage pump to form a reamer combination; this submersible sewage pump is especially suitable for sewage lifting places with harsh environment, such as plastic woven bags, silk stockings, rags, slaughterhouse garbage, sanitary articles, etc., which can be reamed and discharged instantaneously. Effectively ensure that the sewage discharged can pass through any valves and pipes.
2. Hinged submersible sewage pump: It can tear the long fibre material of paper, towel and bag in sewage, and discharge solid waste. Reamer type submersible sewage pump, the pump built-in electronic control device and automatic device (float switch), do not need personnel supervision, automatic open and stop pump, greatly convenient for users to install, use and maintain the pump.
3. The automatic coupling device of reamer submersible sewage pump: the pump slides down to the base along the guide rod and automatically couples with the outlet, which greatly facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of the pump in the future, and no longer requires staff to dismantle and install the pump in and out of the dirty sewage pit. The use of reamer submersible sewage pump reduces the possibility of cable breakage or strangulation and water entering the motor cavity from the cable core to destroy the pump. Make the seal more reliable. So there are many advantages of reamer-type submersible sewage pump, depending on how you maintain it. Some users blindly think that when using reamer-type submersible sewage pump, they can cut any debris, so when purchasing it, they should ask the manufacturer clearly.
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