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Working Principle of Hand Oil Pump

{The reciprocating motion of the plunger in the plunger sleeve completes the oil suction and pressure of the fuel injection pump. When the plunger is located in the lower part, the two oil holes on the plunger sleeve are opened, the inner cavity of the plunger sleeve is connected with the oil passage in the pump body, and the fuel is quickly filled into the oil chamber.
When the cam is crowned on the roller of the roller body, the plunger rises. From the beginning of the plunger upward movement until the oil hole is blocked by the upper end of the plunger. During this period, due to the movement of the plunger, the fuel is squeezed out of the oil chamber and flows to the oil channel. So this lift is called a pre-trip. When the plunger blocks the oil hole, the oil pressure process begins. When the plunger goes up, the oil pressure in the oil chamber rises sharply. When the pressure exceeds the spring elasticity and the upper oil pressure of the oil outlet valve, the oil outlet valve is jacked out and the fuel is pressed into the fuel pipe and sent to the injector.
The time when the oil inlet hole on the plunger sleeve is completely blocked by the upper end face of the plunger is called the starting point of theoretical oil supply.
When the plunger continues to move upward, the oil supply also continues. The oil pressure process lasts until the helical inclined edge of the plunger lets the plunger sleeve return to the oil hole. When the oil hole is opened, the high-pressure oil flows back to the oil channel of the pump through the longitudinal groove on the plunger and the oil return hole on the plunger sleeve. At this time, the oil pressure of the plunger sleeve chamber decreases rapidly, and the oil outlet valve falls back to the valve seat under the action of the oil pressure in the spring and high-pressure tubing. The injector immediately stops injecting oil. At this time, although the plunger continued to ascend, but the oil supply has been terminated.
The time when the upper return hole of the plunger sleeve is opened by the oblique side of the plunger is called the theoretical oil supply terminal point.
From the above process of oil absorption and pressure, it can be seen that in the whole process of plunger upward movement, only the middle stroke is the process of oil pressure, which is called the effective stroke of plunger.
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Re: Working Principle of Hand Oil Pump


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