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But with no children around - Lin

LA PAZ, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera blamed Friday some officials from the country's aviation authority for abusing their power in granting license to LaMia Airlines, the owner of the aircraft crashed late last month in Colombia, killing 71 aboard.

"We are facing executives who used their position to carry out personal business. This is a crime. These events can never happen again," said Garcia Linera, adding that granting an operating license to LaMia had been "negligent, outside the norms, and an arbitrary use of the state's decision-making ability, which must be punished."

The certification for the doomed plane, which crashed on Nov. 28 with 77 aboard, was provided by Gustavo Steven Vargas Villegas, head of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)'s national aviation registry. His father, Gustavo Vargas Gamboa, is one of LaMia's partners and also the company's general manager.

The father and son were arrested as part of the investigation against LaMia following Monday's tragic crash.

Five Bolivian nationals, 19 players from the Brazilian football team Chapecoense, as well as many coaches, journalists, guests and part of the crew were killed in the crash. Only six survived in the accident.

Prosecutor Daniel Ayala said Vargas Villegas had been charged with influence peddling, dereliction of duty and carrying out business incompatible with public service.

Meanwhile, Vargas Gamboa was jailed on Thursday on charges of "culpable homicide" and "grievous bodily harm" in the air disaster.

Celia Castedo, an airport administration official for the Bolivian government, who raised the alarm about irregularities on the LaMia flight, fled to Brazil earlier to demand asylum.

In a public statement there, she said she was pressured to modify the report about the crashed airplane and expressed willingness to testify about the case to the Brazilian authorities.

However, Castedo has denied any responsibility for the fatal crash, stating that she was not authorized to give the greenlight to the departure of the flight to Colombia.

Marco Antonio Rocha, another partner in LaMia, left Bolivia on Nov. 21 for Asuncion, Paraguay, and there has been no record of his return, said Bolivia' s migration office.

Illegal smuggling underwent tremendous growth in China Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys , especially in Fujian Province, in the 1980s and 90s

Many illegal immigrants are young married men who leave their families behind

Smuggling is gaining popularity in Changle as China's economy slows

As many villagers become illegal immigrants in other countries, their children are left over in Changle. Photo: CFP

When 23-year-old Lin Wenfeng boarded a ship for the US in 1993 from his hometown of Jinfeng county in Changle, East China's Fujian Province Derek Rivers Patriots Jersey , he was expecting a short stay and some fast money.

But becoming an illegal immigrant was his point of no return. Since then, fearing that he might not be able to re-enter the US if he left the country, Lin hasn't returned to China once. He wasn't in Changle when his father passed away, nor will he be able to attend his daughter's wedding next year.

One-way journeys like this happened to numerous families in Changle Danny Etling Patriots Jersey , known as a major source for Fujianese emigration to the US since the 1970s. According to estimates by Zhuang Guotu, professor at Xiamen University, from 1980 to 2005, over 200 Duke Dawson Patriots Jersey ,000 people from Changle illegally immigrated to the US.

However, just like Lin, without a legal status, many have found it impossible to return to China. For their families back home Sony Michel Patriots Jersey , it's a sorrowful experience of loneliness and separation.

Broken families

Zheng Chenxi is 22 years old, and yet she had never met her father, who snuck into to the US when her mother was pregnant with her.

When she was little, she used to be proud of her father because having a family member successfully settling down in the US was something to be envied in Changle.

"I used to flaunt the American gifts my father mailed me Isaiah Wynn Patriots Jersey , and enjoyed the envious looks of my classmates," she said.

But as she entered adolescence, her pride gradually turned into resentment. Every time she needed to fill personal information forms, she didn't know what to put in the column about her father's occupation. She celebrated Chinese New Year with her mother Malcom Brown Patriots Jersey , just the two of them, and people often asked her sympathetically how long has it been since she last saw her father.

As most men who left for the US were married men in their 20s, their departure often meant their wives had to shoulder extra family burdens.

Zhou Ping, whose husband left for Japan illegally when she was 23 Joe Thuney Patriots Jersey , had to take care of her daughter and parents alone before her husband was repatriated by Japan's immigration authorities 10 years later.

When her husband was in Japan, part of the remittances her husband sent back each month was used to pay the debt they owe to the smugglers who took him into the country. The rest was carefully split up to pay for their daily necessities.

The same thing happened to Lin Wenfeng's family. Lin's father died in 2006. According to local customs, when a man dies, the oldest son should carry the body on his back to the village's ancestral temple and place his father in the coffin.

But with no children around - Lin Wenfeng has two brothers and one sister Deatrich Wise Jr. Patriots Jersey , all of whom are abroad with no legal status and can't return to China freely - Lin's wife had to carry her father-in-law on her back and complete the funeral ritual by herself, something unimaginable in a province where Confucian values still retain a strong influence.

Locals say that many couples have found lovers during their long and hopeless separation. Even so, many couples still choose to maintain their marriage due to the influence ofGames > Game Genres > Ga. Wholesale Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NCAA Jerseys From China   Cheap NBA Jerseys China   Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping   Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Free Shipping   Wholesale Authentic Football Jerseys   Wholesale College Jerseys China   Cheap Basketball Jerseys

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