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standard and retreat return

Jian is set " series standard and retreat return n cultivated land forest, prevent Sha Zhisha, long prevent forest, the standard of zoology project series such as fast Feng Lin, kids outside flooring the mass that builds to raising forestry and benefit produced main effect. Current, the trade that our country involves battalion afforestation aspect and local technology standard are amounted to 600 multinomial, national level also has 45.

The reporter manages from science and exterior boat panels technology of national forestry bureau understanding arrives, span in the light of our country forestry what type development puts forward to the standard is ceaseless newer, patulous with outspread requirement, according to the concerned regulation of national level, join with international standard photograph, national forestry bureau is beginning to be planted

from forest seedling, battalion afforestation,sliding wood fence gate kit  project, forest and protection of wild vivid plant are used, wet ground and desert are changed, machinery of forest products and treatment and attestation, forestry and man-made trigger fetters 7, compose builds forestry standard system overall frame, build include frame of system of standard system principle and requirement, standard and standard oval recyclable pool decks diagram of

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