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short bursts of smooth

Increasing your cadence will improve your running economy and reduce muscle fatigue. Run to the beat – download a metronome onto Nike Internationalist Dames your phone and set the counter to 180 bpm. Practise turning your legs over at this rate through “strides” – short bursts of smooth, relaxed running over 100m.

Cut the stride – reducing your stride length can be a very easy way of increasing your cadence. Count how many strides it takes you Nike Air Max 90 Womens White to run 100m in 30 seconds. Now repeat, still aiming for 30 seconds but with more foot strikes. You’re aiming for a balance. Your speed is governed by your cadence and your stride length – cut this too far and you start to lose efficiency again.

Keep everything moving Adidas Zx 700 Womens forward – check your arms, as they play a big role in governing the tempo of your legs. Your arms should be moving freely and smoothly from the shoulder, and in a straight line backwards and forwards in short, efficient movements, with a 90-degree bend at the elbow – not rotating across your Nike Air Max 1 Donne body.

Why is it some runners seem to float over the ground, barely touching – running like a deer – whereas some runners appear to plod (sometimes very fast!)? While it’s only a matter of milliseconds, every moment your foot is on the ground means a little momentum Adidas Superstar Dames Roze is lost. Trying to increase the speed at which your foot strikes and returns from the ground is crucial to increasing running economy.

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