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Stainless steel commonly used cold forming method

Stainless steel commonly used cold forming methodRoll forming roll forming method is the use of a continuous set of stainless steel into a complex shape of the product, suitable for the production of sheet and special-shaped wire. The order of the rolls is designed in accordance with the principle of gradual deformation of the product. The rolling mill is automatically controlled and the roll of each rack can be continuously rolled continuously until the desired final product shape is obtained.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesIf the shape of the parts is complex, up to threeteen racks can be used, but the simple shape of the parts, three or four racks can be. Roller is often made of cold work die steel, hardness is generally above HRC62, and in order to ensure the smooth surface of the workpiece after rolling, the surface of the roll surface requirements are also high. The use of roll forming technology to produce large quantities of long parts is the most economical.scrap steel price per tonneFor conventional sheet mills, the width of the strip that can be machined is 2.5 mm to 1500 mm and the thickness is 0.25 mm to 3.5 mm. For conventional wire rod mills, the width of the wire that can be machined is in the range of 1 mm to 30 mm , The thickness is 0.5 mm ~ 10mm. The machined parts are available in a variety of shapes, from simple planes to complex, closed sections. In general, due to the high speed of the tool, mold processing and equipment, for the monthly production of stainless steel sheet in more than 30,000 meters when the use of roll forming process economy, for the monthly output of stainless steel wire to reach more than 1000T.301 машина для производства труб из нержавеющей сталиWhether it is sheet or wire rolling production, must ensure that the surface of the raw material smooth, and regularly check the mold surface to prevent surface contamination and abrasion, and the equipment also need to bear the cold hardening of stainless steel and a higher rebound margin AbilityStainless steel strip

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