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Pharmacy Technician Certification: Making It Happen Pharmacy Technician Certification: Making It Happen June 27 Ben Woodburn Jersey , 2013 | Author: Max Chokshi | Posted in Education
Those considering becoming a pharmacy technician as a career choice will do well to know that a technician works very closely with pharmacists in the pharmacy to prepare and administer prescriptions in support of a physician’s treatment of patients with health needs.

Most states and employers require their technicians to hold a national pharmacy technician training certificate. This qualifies you as a CPhT, in other words, a Certified Pharmacy Technician. You must pass certain examinations to earn this certificate and receive your professional license. Your certificate will show potential, interested employers that you have the necessary skills to work with a pharmacist, manage medicines as well as the daily fare that visit a pharmacy.

Most states will require a licensed pharmacy technician to be recertified every two years to continually refresh your skills in the pharmacy. Employers generally look for individuals with proper certifications as these documents signify a level of competency and skill.

Pharmacy technicians are required in a variety of places from hospitals and health clinics to nursing homes. Retail pharmacy is also an area that you can find work in. Being a pharmacy technician as a career choice requires a certain level of responsibility, as an understanding about a patient’s health issues is important in administering the right medication.

Work as a pharmacy technician can be financially rewarding especially if you’ve amassed some relevant work experience. Because most technicians are paid by the hour, a higher per hour rate is earned in the evenings and weekends. Pay will vary from state to state and location to location. Those with more work experience may also be offered more than the less experienced pharmacy technician.

If you’re looking at becoming pharmacy technician as career Alex Manninger Jersey , there are certain qualities that a good technician should possess. First of all, they should be good communicators because patients need to have clear understanding of their instructions in taking their medication as well as any side effects that they may be at risk of. Other qualities include being alert, organized, efficient and committed to doing their job well. Attention to detail is key in dispensing medication.

Being a pharmacy technician as a career choice means that you have no room for error when it comes to doing your job. Prescriptions must be filled out with the greatest detail to attention. Accuracy is of utmost importance as people’s lives are in your hands. A technician should always double-check with the pharmacist before dispensing out medicines.

One of the main responsibilities as a pharmacy technician is to measure, count and weigh medicine dosages prescribed by the doctor, as well as keep track of the movement and stock of drugs carried. All prescriptions must be prepared with perfect accuracy.

A pharmacy tech requires specialized skills and health-care knowhow as he is the one preparing all medication ordered in a prescription. Visit for information and resources on how to become a practicing pharmacy technician in order to maintain your effectiveness in a pharmacy.

锘? The condition is
therefore, also known as hypertension of the eye.
A certain amount of intraocular pressure is considered necessary Alberto Moreno Jersey , but too much can cause
damage to the eye and may result in vision loss. Glaucoma is the major cause of blindness
among adults today. One out of every eight blind persons is a victim of glaucoma. Far sighted
persons are more prone to develop this disease than near sighted ones.
The first symptom of glaucoma is the appearance of halos or coloured rings round distant
objects, when seen at night. In this condition, the iris is usually pushed forward, and the patient
often complains of constant pain in the region of the brow, near the temples and the cheeks.
Headaches are not uncommon. There is gradual impairment of vision as glaucoma develops,
and this may ultimately result in blindness if proper steps are not taken to deal with the disease
in the early stages.
Medical science regards severe eye-strain or prolonged working under bad lighting conditions as
the chief causes of glaucoma. But, in reality Adam Lallana Jersey , the root cause of glaucoma is a highly toxic
condition of the system due to dietetic errors, a faulty life style and the prolonged use of
suppressive drugs for the treatment of other diseases. Eye-strain is only a contributory factor.
Glaucoma is also caused by prolonged stress and is usually a reaction of adrenal exhaustion.
The inability of the adrenal glands to produce aldosterone results in excessive loss of salt from
the body and a consequent accumulation of fluid in the tissues. In the region of the eyes, the
excess fluid causes the eye ball to harden losing its softness and resilience. Glaucoma has also
been associated with giddiness, sinus conditions, allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia Customized Liverpool Jersey ,
arteriosclerosis and an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.
The modern medical treatment for glaucoma is through surgery which relieves the internal
pressure in the eye due to excess fluid. This, however, does not remove the cause of the
presence of the excess fluid. Consequently, even after the operation, there is no guarantee
whatsoever that the trouble will not recur, or that it will not affect the other eye. The natural
treatment for glaucoma is same as that for any other condition associated with high toxicity and
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