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solid wood floor seven attention

lighting is not enough with dark tones, then the light is even more dark. Dark tones are also easy to provoke dust, so to clean up, it is best to enter the room to change shoes. Can also be considered from the color, if you like the color of the floor but do not want to look too cold, then you can choose the main light color, but with warm tones pattern.
From the choice of cold and warm colors to consider, do not put their own room too cold, if the walls, doors, floors, furniture, white or in addition to the wall are black, then the winter home will feel cold! Old people living in the room should choose warm colors, especially for children who are not around the old man,
but also to this choice, a warm feeling can make the elderly feel good. Buy solid wood floor seven attention Note: tree material solid wood flooring can be simply divided into light-colored material and dark material. Light color uniform color, style, crisp, can fully contrast the warm atmosphere of the family.
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