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compound floor and aggrandizement

Floor processing quality, directly affects the quality of laying, usually used in the same package conveniently take more than 5 pieces of the glass on the table or flat on the ground floor, shoot tight mortise matching with the hand, and touched with the hand, feel whether level off, again use eye view whether the mortise combined with joint, not too loose nor too tight.
Second, to see whether the test data prove that the intrinsic quality of the floor. Moisture content is the main floor deformation conditions. Therefore, when the choice must be close to with local moisture content, the Beijing area at about 11%, this value is best determination apparatus.
If can't measure, also can use hand to touch, if feel cool MCE, uncomfortable, and some sticky, moisture content is on the high side at this time. Because of compound floor and aggrandizement floor need to use glue to glue, the glue may contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, so pay attention to when buy selected high quality floor with green logo.
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