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common scam flooring

The implication, real wood grain series 2008, even in the European and American developed countries, also did not sell to the high price of 2008 yuan/square meters. Ou dian scam "floor king" according to the survey, Europe allusion of the so-called "German imports, listed at the same time around the world" apotheosis, probably is orchestrated a fraud, and the domestic floor has become an imported floor is common scam flooring industry in China.
The floor wang doubts began with real wood grain series 2008, at the same time, often appear in the text of the concept of the ou dian in Germany. From Europe allusion (China) website, we can get the following information about the German Europe allusion: real wood grain series by Germany, Europe allusion to invest 8 million euros, after two years research success;
Wurzburg, on the river main since 1945 had been destroyed seriously, the German government conducted two large-scale repair, and in the two repair, there are hundreds of floor brand bidding at the same time, the German OrderFlooring (Europe allusion floor) and eventually to nine hall provides an excellent ground material.
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