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the good reputation of consumers

At present, the marketing network has been covered the country, the existing sales outlets of more than 500. Faced with increasingly fierce market competition and consumer groups higher requirements for the Chinese market regional characteristics, the company introduced cutting-edge production technology and a number of fully automated production lines.
With the current domestic pressure of the largest 2800 tons of presses, the use of all imports of tools, nearly 100 species of product color. At the same time, Jing Sheng floor excellent quality to win the good reputation of consumers, bringing the national sales increased month by month, while the international market also reported success
King Sheng flooring has been exported to South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, more than 10 countries and area. King Health brand since the date of birth on the high starting point to enter the market, from research and development, production, sales, installation services to the whole service system to accumulate years of operating
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