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local floor suddenly

The top ten brand secret reunion, a signal can be seen as counterattack, and let a few old total fuse together, held last weekend in a rich, beautiful household, the western section of the second floor. The floor of the past quarter again break the new record the sales floor, local brand good news: shengda floor break calendar year national sales record;
Accer floor for center staff to tight, from group headquarters sent a large number of office assistant to help sign the bill; Chint floor's boss himself explains. New like floor sales personnel busy doesn't have time for lunch; Rich, real wood floor by consumers fully...
Popular trend that local floor suddenly see, foreign brand one off opportunity to send the door to. Do not move to battle for market share, at this time when! Local floor factory price to preempt the market yesterday afternoon, shengda, accer, fu sen, chint, countries, auspicious, weilong, new, such as, far as, xi rimmon ten domestic wood floor manufacturer together, head of the secret.
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