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scarred the floor

including as nongovernmental organizations (ngos) to attend the international environmental protection three groups - the world wide fund for nature, the green peace organization, and the nature conservancy in the world. The meeting was held in Asia, because Asian forest destruction is very serious in recent years.
Indonesia, a country only the area of the original forest disappear every day equivalent to 500 world standard football field, so now the Indonesian government began to control deforestation. Use real wood floor is the value of their homes less demand of China's timber staggering, expert predicts 2010, demand of China's timber, it will be twice in 2005 the whole of the world's wood supply.
Many Chinese against the wood consumption idea is not correct, often forget real wood product USES the natural resources, defective is normal, but everyone not to buy the scarred the floor, so the floor enterprise can waste a lot of timber production floor without a scar.  " composite timbers retaining wall , pressure treated timber , What flooring to put instead of wooden decking , Outdoor composite decking thru alibaba "

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